The company’s culture is centered around a commitment to innovation, excellence and a desire to create memorable events for its clients. At ievents, the culture is based on four pillars: Curate, Collab, Elevate and Energy. These pillars guide the company in planning and managing events.

Each pillar is an endless story, filled with unforgettable moments and experiences, catered to its field and audience.

Connected & charged!

That’s who and how we are when we collaborate with clients and partners to offer ground-breaking concepts and ideations.


Just like a frequency, a fragment in time, with all the rhythmic emotions it unleashes; we throb for moments that are notable, diverse and vocal.


The finest narration of a story is the one you create; these are our home-grown concepts, from initial development to the light we shed on it.

Energy enthusiasts

We believe in the right type of energy; gets us going, keeps us on our toes, and more importantly, it’s a healthy approach to fun. All that is sports, health and fitness related, we derive.