We approach you with a new concept and visualization to propose a unique event which is the first of its kind. Our creative team crafts a layout that is representative of your needs, ideas and expectations. We develop and clearly plan how this will turn into a success. Our branding schemes are constantly unexpected, facilitating networking amongst delegates, vendors, exhibitors and bringing them together through unconventional methods to successfully handle everything you need.

Our entertainment planners know how to impress the most demanding A-listers in the business, meticulously choosing every detail with the intention of exceeding expectations and impressing target audiences till the very last moment.

We provide everything your entertainment event needs to match your vision and bring it to life. We anticipate unforeseen situations to ensure a smoothly run stress-free event, creating an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

When it comes to sports events, we create masterpieces; a one of a kind event that engraves a memory in everyone’s mind and heart. Enthralled audiences are our caliber of success and we have garnered quite an audience ever since we launched the first PSA Squash Championship back in 2010 in El Gouna.

Our sports events are fun for everyone; players, participants or spectators. We like to mix it up and make our events suitable for everyone regardless of their interest in the sport. Being prepared for anything and everything is our specialty. Our crisis management goes a long way in our live events and we’re always on standby to take care of business, so you can count on us without a second thought.

We jazz up your corporate event, making your guests enjoy it until the last minute. We ensure that every aspect of the event leaves a delightful and distinct impression on each and every attendee, engraving a memory like no other.

We creatively design your event through communicating your brand message in every fine detail, from food selection to choosing the right venue. Everything is thoroughly thought out and well catered to your audience.

A forward-thinking team is waiting for you, count on us!